Giving Good(s)

Date June-July 2017
Role Front-end code
With REMY Inc.

This application enables more personalized donation-giving to housing insecure San Diegans. It is designed for shelters to input clients and their needs. Those who wish to donate can browse or search by item or location, and contact the appropriate shelter.

Our app was inspired by the growning number of housing insecure people in San Diego. Both those without a home at all and those without adaquate or appropriate shelter.

Remy's List

Date May 2017
Role Project Inspiration & back-end code
With REMY Inc.

This application allows users to lend and borrow items for free. Lenders upload items which borrowers can browse and request for a certain amount of time. Non-users can also browse items before deciding if they would like to join.

Our app was inspired by the Sharing Economy and similar physical libraries. Our application allows us to build a community of sharers in San Diego even though we lack the resources to have a physical location. Sharing items promotes a less wasteful lifestyle on account of the fact that one item is being used many times instead of many items being used few times.


Date March 2017
Role Front-end code
With REMY Inc.

This application allows users to submit a picture and recieve back movie suggestions based on the estimated age of the user.

The user simply uploads a photo from his or her computer. If using a smartphone, he or she can also take a selfie. The app returns back the six most popular movies which were released in the user's birth year.

About Me


I am a junior web developer finishing up a six month coding bootcamp with the University of California, San Diego Extension. The course generally covers the MERN stack and, among other technologies, goes over HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.

The past ten years of my life have been spent all over the place: living in five different foreign countries while earning my master's degree, teaching English and learning Russian during my time in the Peace Corps, and currently working at one of the coolest co-ops in the States (REI).

My transition into web development was inspired by my passion to help people and a desire to contribute with hard skills (in addition to the soft skills cultivated over my various experiences). I enjoy problem solving and building tangible things, which I believe is a good fit for coding. While not at work/school you might find me climbing rocks or sewing quilts.